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Album Review: Khnvm – Foretold Monuments of Flesh

If there’s one characteristic that unites all of the bands under the OSDM umbrella it would be hunger, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Khnvm (pronounced khoo-num) have a ravenous appetite. “Foretold Monuments of Flesh” wastes no time introducing their undead Tasmanian devil manifesto to the world. Even though Khnvm makes it clear that they’re here to devour everything in sight, Foretold Monuments of Flesh has some pretty clean guitar soloing on tracks like “Gutted to the Bone” that is unexpected but not out of place.

In addition to being a great description of Khnvm’s sound, “Heathen Beast” is an interesting track because of the way it paces itself. Still ravenous for sure, but it’s a very disciplined ravenous that doesn’t hold out on bottom-heavy headbanging. As is the case with a lot of OSDM, Khnvm’s take on death metal is very tailor-made ensuring that we get a nice variety of styles ranging from the sheer brutality of “Profaning the Ancient Rites” to the melodic and evil “Kabbalah of Darkness” which ends things on an arcane note.

I’ve commented on the guitar work present in the album, and it’s really some of the slickest guitar work to be found on a death metal album. The best part is that it’s not watered down so if my use of the words “melodic” and “clean” trigger any sort of In Flames-inspired PTSD, don’t worry. No brutality was compromised during the recording of “Invocato Deo Plaga” and “Sic Mundus Creatus Est.” It’s really difficult for me to find anything bad to say about Foretold Monuments of Flesh so the only thing I can advise is that “Gutted To The Bone” is a nice summation of how this album will leave you feeling.

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