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Split Review: Lucifer’s Fall / Acolytes of Moros

While Lucifer’s Fall and Acolytes of Moros both lurk within the realms of Reverend Bizarre-influenced traditional doom metal, each band occupies a different spot on the spectrum. The former offers a sleazy take on the style that suits their Australian ne’er-do-well reputation, while the latter tends to explore much slower, abstracter textures. This particular split, one of several that Lucifer’s Fall has planned for 2019, does a good job of asserting their distinctions while also highlighting their common ground.

Perhaps in an attempt to fit in with their Swedish companions, the three songs by Lucifer’s Fall make particular use of their slower, more drawn outside. While “The Heretic” does reach a galloping climax, a good bulk of its nine-minute runtime is devoted to a grindingly theatrical buildup. The other tracks round things out nicely with “Death of the Mother” taking a more mid-tempo attitude and “No Will Left to Fight” serving as a distraught anthem in fantastic Gates of Slumber tradition.

Meanwhile, Acolytes of Moros remains fully committed to their signature sadboi jams. Their two contributions pick up right where 2018’s The Wellspring left off with their series of trudging riffs, busy drum work, and mournful vocals. “Nocturnal Visitations” makes for surprisingly breezy melancholy and “Before the Silver Cord is Severed” offers another variation of the ‘slow buildup-fast climax’ (Phrasing?) formula though it takes a noticeable while longer to get there.

Overall, Lucifer’s Fall and Acolytes of Moros make for splendid bedfellows on this particular split. Not only do they both contribute songs that best highlight their individual attributes, but the track flow is natural and style variations are smoothly integrated. Such an endeavor is best suited for traditional doom maniacs, but it also makes a great sampler for those unfamiliar with either band’s backgrounds. It’ll be neat to see how Lucifer’s Fall’s other splits will compare and I’ll be satisfied if either of the bands’ future full-lengths are of this caliber.

“The Heretic”
“No Will Left to Fight”
“Nocturnal Visitations”

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