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Track Premiere – Incandescence – “Above All”

The name Philippe ‘Tyrant’ Boucher should already be very familiar to fans of progressive/technical death metal since he occupies the drum throne for two of Canada’s most notable exports: Beyond Creation and Chthe’ilist. What you may not be aware of, however, is the fact that Boucher is actually a multi-instrumentalist with a pair of other projects to his name – Décombres and Incandescence.

The latter of those projects has a new album called Ascension due out on March 15 via Return to Analog records (preorder here), and we’re stoked to be premiering “Above All” here today at the Vault.

Ascension marks the debut of new vocalist Louis-Paul Gauvreau of The Unconscious Mind, who (fun fact) was a quarterfinalist on the Canadian version of The Voicemaking him the first extreme metal vocalist to compete on the program. His song of choice? Necrophagist’s “Stabwound.” Anyone who might think that somehow means he isn’t a serious vocalist, however, will know otherwise before he even finishes bellowing out the song’s striking opening line: Surrounded by uncompassionate beasts who are unable to love…

It’s not your average black metal lyric, because Incandescence isn’t the average black metal band. Boucher doesn’t hold back in terms of the aggression and atmosphere one would expect from the genre, but he also throws in plenty of abrupt tempo shifts, knotty riffs, and mind-bendingly complex drum patterns to set them well apart from the rest of the blackened hordes. I don’t want to call them progressive black metal, since that designation kind of has a (mostly deservedly) bad rap…but if you can imagine a band like Ulcerate playing black metal, that’s a pretty good starting place in terms of Incandescence’s sound.

When asked about Ascension, Boucher offered:

It”s about the journey of finding our inner selves, the complexities of the human mind. This album is musically fast and aggressive, while all at once crafting melodic, beautifully melancholic soundscapes. It’s very personal (musically and lyrically speaking). In my opinion, this album is the best representation of Incandescence in its truest form. This is the album I’ve wanted to do from the beginning.

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