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Album Review: Sins Of The Damned – Striking The Bell Of Death

Sins Of The Damned are a band hailing from Chile whose brand of traditional heavy metal strays far from the ordinary makeup. After putting out several demos and gaining a following in their home country, the band have put together their first full length titled Striking The Bell Of Death. A barrage of fast guitar and drum patterns with a hint of melancholy all packaged under clear production essentially encapsulates the entire release.

The fact that a lot of the tunes here contain a sadder feel is one of the main factors setting this apart from the pack. Moreover, it’s also loaded with tremolo picking and riffs that reach thrash territory, but the delivery keeps it from sounding threatening thanks to the riffs being mostly clean with only a little mean. Entangling everything in tremolos as well as the aforementioned sorrowful tones certainly don’t help. The harsher vocals, on the other hand, contradict this, making for a rather unique blend


Of course, this doesn’t make the music bad, and there are some pretty gritty nuances. “Take The Weapons” steps away from the main focus and is brought in not only on a more vicious plate but one that induces speed from start to finish. Unfortunately, though, there isn’t really anything else that stands apart with this release, making it stagnate rather quickly. The songs have rather intriguing intros that hint at something different but don’t live up to it. “The Outcast (Sign Of Cain)” is a great example of this, as I must admit that the intro is great. Sadly, the rest wouldn’t follow through.

On paper, Striking The Bell Of Death is pretty good. It’s focused, it’s produced well, and the combination of the guitar tones with the vocals are pretty neat. What Sins Of The Damned lacks is the ability to drop impressive songs, and the tremolo guitars could be cut down a lot. Things like this work well as a feature to enhance the experience, but not as well when they are the experience themselves.

Striking The Bell Of Death will be released on May 3rd, 2019 through Shadow Kingdom Records via CD, vinyl, and cassette. It’ll be available through the label physically, or digitally on Bandcamp.

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