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Track Premiere: The Black Sorcery – “Intolerance Enthrone”

Okay…let’s just get this out of the way up front. Can we all agree that the ‘controversy’ surrounding Jenglot Hitam cover art for The Black Sorcery‘s sophomore full-length Wolven Degrade is kind of silly? Yes, it features a woman copulating with a wolf. Yes, there’s also nudity. Welcome to extreme metal, folks…

The only surprise here is that anyone is actually surprised by this, considering how well established this sort of imagery is in both black and death metal. And maybe the fact that she’s fucking a wolf instead of a goat. I mean…have people forgotten about those old Nunslaughter and Archgoat designs?

Ordinarily I’d be in favor of a little misguided outrage – like the saying goes, there’s really no such thing as bad publicity. However, this is one of those rare occurrences where the controversy actually isn’t doing The Black Sorcery any favors, because it means that a lot of the attention the album is garnering is misplaced.

And before anyone calls me out on it – yes, I made a conscious decision not to use the album cover as he featured image for this piece like we generally do with all of our track premieres because I don’t want to have to deal with it getting Zucked from our social media pages. A track premiere is kind of useless if you can’t really share it anywhere…

But enough about the fucking (literally?) cover. See – misplaced attention. Here’s what people should be paying attention to instead:

Wolven Degrade is the best war metal/bestial black metal/ album that anyone is going to release in 2019. In fact, everyone else should just go home. Try again in 2020. And if The Black Sorcery release another album next year, maybe consider trying another genre altogether.

For as good as last year’s debut  …and the Beast Spake Death from Above was, Wolven Degrade completely napalms it out of the water.  And like …and the Beast Spake Death from Above, it all starts with the feral growls and deranged howling of Lörd Matzigkeitus. If you somehow still aren’t familiar with the inimitable Lörd M, you are not living your best bestial black metal life. Honestly, there are maybe only two or three other black metal vocalists – Mark of the Devil from Cultes des Ghoules and Mayhem’s Attila Chihar among them – who I’d consider to be his peers.

The rest of The Black Sorcery which includes members of The Projectionist, Operation Winter Mist, and Albanach ar Dheis, aren’t just side players in the Lörd M show. As a unit, they are truly fearsome – pissing venom while dealing out razor-tipped riffs and bombastic rhythms akin to the bombing of Dresden.

It is with great pleasure that we unveil “Intolerance Enthrone” here today at Indy Metal Vault. My advice is to strap on some protective gear before hitting play on the embed below, because it is going to abso-fucking-lutely level you.

When asked for a few words, Lörd M replied:

“That Ragnar decreed,
Whence might is unholy right.
The arm of ultimate fury is I.”

“Intolerance Enthrone” as a track is an impervious line drawn in the sand about what we shall not accept and revolt against in single-minded retaliation. The crackling of power that surges in those among Mankind that indignantly demand more in life than circumventing the bleating obstacles that are the weak.

The Black Sorcery are the blunt force of hurtling meteors, crashing down upon everything the Earth once was


Wolven Degrade will be available on March 29 from Appalachian Noise Productions (LP – preorder here) Krucyator Productions (CD – preorder here) , and directly from the the jaws of the wolves themselves (digital – preorder here).

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