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Track Premiere: Almost Honest – “Dancing Shaman And The Psychedelic Cactus”

Previously on the Vault, I covered the upcoming sophomore record by PA rockers Almost Honest, Seiches And Sirens. Just from the singles already released, you can tell that the band are evolving towards a cleaner tone with much sharper hooks and the means for more accessibility. Moreover, there’s plenty added variety with their song-writing, and today we’re premiering “Dancing Shaman And The Psychedelic Cactus.”

If the title doesn’t make this obvious, it’s one of the tracks that steers clear of the basics. “Dancing” features weird instrumental sections with all of the glory of the three piece’s bouncy rhythms fused with doomy tones. Almost Honest has always been known for songs based around weird tales and supernatural beasts, but this song takes things a step higher. Frontman and guitarist Shayne Reed has been kind enough to lay the basis out:

Dancing Shaman and the Psychedelic Cactus’ is about a man who has been taken prisoner for a crime he did not commit. He is being dragged and drugged through the desert with a caravan that is heading to the nearest town where they will execute him. On this journey, the man will start seeing visions and hallucinations. I won’t spoil the whole story because you’ll have to listen to what happens but I love when I get to go into an existential crisis. During this part, we got to play with bongos, car keys, water bottles, a drill and much more.”

If the experimentation with bongos and a drill isn’t enough to intrigue you, then I don’t know what to tell you. But to get the full gist, go ahead and hit play and take your mind into the wild adventures of hallucinations in the desert. With one week before the release of the Seiches And Sirens, this is the perfect way to hold over any doom cravings you may have.

Pre-order the album here ahead of its release on March 22nd via Electric Talon Records

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