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EP Review: Invictus – Burst The Curse

Burst The Curse is a very short power/speed metal EP brought to us by the German act Invictus. Clocking in only around ten minutes, it’s a decent taste of speed riffing intertwined with acoustic guitars and high pitched vocals that have a medieval tint and a lot of falsetto. For a release that’s only three songs long, none of them take the exact same approach.

Title track and opener “Burst The Curse” is a fast ripper that has a strong sense regarding rhythms, but the tone of the vocals is rather annoying. There’s a sudden shift to slow, acoustic guitars in the middle of it that doesn’t stick around, only to jump back into heavy territory. Following is “Gaia” which is soft from cover to cover and rides on synths and admittedly impressive leads. The EP finishes with “Someone Out There” which jumps immediately back into fast riffs without much of a transition and retains the powerful energy for the whole song.

For what it’s worth, Burst The Curse is good, but the short length and cleanliness in playing saves it. There’s no real flow here, and although the singer clearly has some gnarly pipes, I found his voice rather irritating. Of course, that’s more personal than anything, and Invictus are certainly good musicians. The solos and leads of this are definitely the high point, they could just use some better structural tactics come time for a full-length.

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