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EP Stream: Thecodontion – Jurassic

Let’s get one thing straight up front here: there are probably a lot of people who think ‘no guitars’ + ‘songs about dinosaurs’ = Thecodontion must be a gimmick band.

No. Wrong. Stop that right now – don’t fucking think like that. What’s wrong with you?

First of all, a professional paleontologist from the band’s native Italy mentioned them on his personal blog. Doesn’t get much more legit than that.

Secondly, their scuzzed-out brand of war metal is gnarly enough to gnaw at your face like a Florida man on bath salts.

Third…well, for this third part I’m going to turn it over to the other half of the Dickheaded Duo with whom I write IMV”s Kvltists in the Vault column, Aaron Dexter Bray. Dex interviewed the duo for his site Black Metal Daily a week or so ago, and wrote such an eloquent intro that I couldn’t top it if I tried:

Yep, a bass-only war metal act about dinosaurs… and they’re fucking great.

Eschewing any typical posturing for a more scientific approach, they’ve hit on a formula that’s far away from the novelty that may be suggested on paper. The visceral, groove-laden, maniacal rumble is one to be taken seriously; not least because it will rip off your fucking head and shit down your neck if you don’t, but also because the lyrics might actually teach you something. It’s surprising and oddly beautiful how well it all clicks together.

We’re streaming Jurassic in its entirety here today at the Vault, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Available on 7″ vinyl, it will be available on March 22 from Xenoglossy Productions (preorder here), Wooaaargh (preorder here), Glossolalia Records (preorder here).

When asked about the EP,  vocalist GEF had this to say:

Jurassic” is our second effort. After “Thecodontia”, we wanted to explore four different creatures from the period that followed Triassic: Jurassic, indeed. The EP is more violent and primal compared to “Thecodontia”. Both works were recorded during the same sessions, but for this EP we used the fastest material we had”.

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Stoicorum March 20, 2019 at 8:45 pm

This band is fucking great! Loving the EP so far.


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