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Track Premiere: Black Sites – “Feral Child”

Hailing from beneath the surface of Chicago, Illinois comes the proggy heavy metal outfit known as Black Sites. Having offered up one record in 2017 titled In Monochrome, they’ve been cooking up a follow up to this known as Exile. Ahead of its release in April, they’ve already put forth a track known as “To The Fire” (listen here). Today, the band is coughing up another track to get our feet even wetter in anticipation for Exile.

Heavy, dark dynamics get poured into a flask with strong chord progressions to make for a rather traditional sounding slab of heavy metal with a touch of sophistication. Although the burning pig-like beast on the cover may suggest otherwise, it’s quite an approachable ditty. With its welcoming melodies placed neatly atop crunchy riffs, the style may seem like your traditional formula, and it is to a degree. But advanced drum work, nifty guitar licks, and a unique style of singing bring this above and beyond. Furthermore, leads carefully backing the verses give this new levels of depth.

What’s also impressive is the ability to swap from a friendlier vibe to a rather unsettling one without even a pinch of awkwardness. Truly, this is what makes the song most enjoyable, if not the incredible production job bringing the stellar songwriting to the perfect elevation.

But you’d be silly to simply take my word for it. For those that have even the slightest interest in American made traditional heavy metal with progressive tendencies, don’t even think about walking away without hitting that play button.

Exile will be released on April 19th, 2019 through Hoove Child and can be found here.

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