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EP Review: Chaos Century – Decaying Morality

Chaos Century are a blackened thrash project based in Canada that have yet to release a full length. Decaying Morality is the first of two releases, an EP which hit the scene at the very tail end of last year. It’s a blunt set of five tracks plus a bonus track (a cover of Sacrifice’s “Re-Animation”) acting as a quick dose of Satanic slams and evil jams.

Clocking in just past the twenty-minute mark, Decaying Morality sets the scene with red hot riffage cooked very rare. A speed metal backbone with slight cuts of audible bass ingrained into the crunch drive the rhythms into darker thrash territory, giving the atmosphere such a burning sensation. To top it off, incomprehensible shrieks that still carry a hint of tone variation lay atop the riffing madness to bring the concept to completion. Songs like “Martyrs Of Deicide” cake on the thicker tones with a greater ear for note alteration while others like “Parasitic Homicide” are nothing beyond a straightforward blast to the neck of recklessness.

Really, that’s about all there is to get from a release like this. You can’t expect a whole lot of innovation with efforts like Decaying Morality, but since it’s a shortie, none of it overstays its welcome. Instead, it accomplishes exactly what it has set out to do by satisfying dark-speed cravings that are filled with realistic horrors and occult-related subjects. Nothing out of the park, but absolutely worth your time.

Decaying Morality was released on January 31st, 2018 through Dying Art Productions and can be found on their Bandcamp page.

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