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EP Review: Eggs of Gomorrh – Outpregnate

How do you like your eggs? Sunnyside up? Scrambled? Or maybe you prefer them as a representation of “perverse and blasphemous coherence from birth”? In any case, I’d like to introduce you to Eggs of Gomorrh: a Switzerland-based black metal band with a penchant for noisiness. Their style bears a strong resemblance to Proclamation and other war metal classics, but with a chaotic presence that relies less on muffled production and more on dense composition with a quick presentation. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if this EP is any indication, Eggs of Gomorrh are an excellent part of any horrifically imbalanced breakfast.

As with most war metal and war-adjacent releases, Outpregnate is largely drum-driven. The riffs are simple and the vocals, while impressive and attention-grabbing, are fairly one-note, but the drumming stays intricate and overwhelming for the vast majority of the EP. This is exactly why it’s okay for the riffs to be as straightforward as they are: you barely have time to notice. Outpregnate is a short release with short songs, and Eggs of Gomorrh spews everything out at you in rapid succession, providing only infrequent and unreliable breaks for you to catch your breath in. The band doesn’t give you a chance to get bored – they barely give you a chance to figure out what’s going on!

But for all the claustrophobia and mysterious bodily fluids involved with this EP,  Outpregnate is extremely inviting to relistens. The entire release only lasts about sixteen minutes, and there isn’t a single track that breaks a duration of three and a half minutes. If you’d like to get familiar with this work, it’s not a demanding process to do so. The production also lends itself to nitpicking and discovery; nothing is random or unstructured, and every element can be explored a little deeper if you’re willing to focus. The noisiness and vehemence of Eggs of Gomorrh’s style can certainly be intimidating, and it’s damn near impossible to soak everything in on a first listen, but there aren’t any riffs or drum beats that are intentionally obscured or hidden away from the listener. Anything you miss can be found later.

War metal often hits harder when it’s delivered in short bursts, and Outpregnate highlights exactly why that is. This violent expulsion of sound lays all that Eggs of Gomorrh has to offer out in one big, sticky pile, and the band makes no effort to pretty it up. What you see is what you get; if you’d like to get down on your knees and appreciate the finer details of this sticky pile, you’re more than welcome to. If you’d prefer to run away screaming, that works too. But the fact remains that within this sticky pile lies an exhilarating, discomforting, onslaught of Proclamation-styled black metal terror: a perfect complement to the most important meal of the day.

Outpregnate is now available digitally and physically from Krucyator Productions.

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