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Album Stream: Blind Scryer – Blind Scryer

Blind Scryer’s self-titled debut album approaches heavy metal with a distinctly southern slant. The execution isn’t anywhere near brutal enough for sludge or fuzzy enough for stoner doom, but bluesy grooves are overseen by a sunny, gravelly tone and structures aren’t afraid to draw themselves out to jam for extended periods. Impulse comparisons could be made to groups like Corrosion of Conformity, but I find myself going back to classic Danzig more often than not.

Much of that association can be directly attributed to the vocals, which remind me of a cross between Danzig himself and The Cult’s Ian Astbury. These pseudo-operatic howls have a range that seems limited to a steady tenor, but the sheer power behind them elevates the material. The other components play their parts well with the guitars putting in plenty of slinky blues riffs, the bass showing off some gurgling pops, and the drums showing off hard hitting beats and busy patterns.

While “Ride the Sun” starts things off on a fun upbeat note, the best songs are the ones where Blind Scryer fully commits themselves to the slow and bluesy. “Ten-Year Bender” is the best example of this style in action thanks to its laid-back pacing and catchy riff work. The bouncy chugs on “Snake Handler” make it another worthy highlight, “Delta V” revs up to a hazy rhythm, and the band’s title song starts with a heightened bass presence that gives way to a sinister swing.

Those who crave some southern metal that doesn’t have those pesky stoner-isms getting in the way will find plenty to enjoy on Blind Scryer’s debut album. The riffs are groovy, the rhythms are easygoing, the vocals have a raw bluesman style so rarely seen in the genre, and we’re thrilled to be streaming it here today at the Vault.

Blind Scryer will be available on March 29. Preorder directly from the band here.

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