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EP Review: Crisis Actor – 1st EP

Four songs, six minutes. In that time there’s some great stuff to dissect. The fuzzy distortion, grizzled vocals, and buzzsaw bass of “Feel Pain” lets you know that’s Crisis Actor’s first E.P. is a run before you sprint kind of listen. In terms of street cred, “Violence Everyday” is worth its weight in gold with its savage percussive intro and one of 2019’s grimiest breakdowns. The low-end puts its nose to the grindstone on “Broke the Noose” and the “classically” tinged “Cancer In Our Minds” keeps the EP’s feet on the ground whilst remaining in overdrive. Oh yeah, the guitar solos fucking rip.

All in all, Crisis Actor knows what they’re doing and the musicianship is top notch and well rounded. With the band’s particular set of influences in mind, Crisis Actor’s first release earns your respect through old fashioned elbow grease. A by-product of having “50 collective years of stripes”? Perhaps, but this EP is definitely one of the most legit releases to come out of Indy this year.

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