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Track Premiere: Sacred Sin – “Feathers Black”

What’s the first thing that you think of when you see what appears to be the fetus of a creature as the focal point of an album sleeve? If the answer is anything but steadily paced death metal, then you may be disappointed, because that’s exactly what we’ve got before us. Sacred Sin plan to deliver their record Anguish… I Harvest on the 19th of this month through Satanath Records, and ahead of that release, they’re giving us a taste of what to expect for the full experience. Thus, you can feast your ears on “Feathers Black,” the track that we are premiering today at the Vault.

To say the least, I hope you like drum kicks that have a clicking, time-bomb like tick to them, because they’re all over the song, starting in small bursts and gradually working in more and more until the entire rhythm rests on it. The main course here is surprisingly built on melodic riffs that compliment the growling vocals which contain a strong sense of comprehension and don’t come on too strong by any means.

Moreover, a high pitched solo that couldn’t be any cleaner for this type of song is assorted into the mix, served with a side of stringy sounding synths in the background. All of this eventually melts into a wave-like playing style of ascending and descending repetition on the higher scales of the fretboard to back the closing vocal track. “Feathers Black” is a very digestible serving of death metal, a great one for those who are relatively new to the genre, and it’s executed concisely avoiding any kind of chaos.

What’s nice is that you can order the full Anguish… I Harvest album on Bandcamp ahead of its release. What’s even nicer is that you can stream another single over there titled “Lead Of Insects” just in case you weren’t completely sold by this song. What’s nicest is that this release includes a remaster of a demo that the band put out in 1997; that’s right, they’re an older act! So plug in your best speakers and kick back to some death metal by Sacred Sin.

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