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Album Review: Tasteful Turmoil – The Phantom Fear

Tasteful Turmoil are a Finnish project that fry up a pretty buffed up dose of thrash metal. With one album titled Protect The Wasted out, which hit the scene in 2016, they’re back with another onslaught of riffs with their upcoming sophomore effort The Phantom Fear. Take a good look at the album art here, because the smudgy ghoul on the front perfectly projects the fuzzy sound in production.

Despite that, the guitar tones are actually very sharp, cutting through a lot of the mix in a manner similar to Evile. This combo harvests modern sounding tunes that have little to do with the retro throwback type thrashers. Thus, it makes perfect sense that Tasteful Turmoil load in intricate riffs, even though this only really lasts for the first half. The deeper you dive into this, the more basic and straightforward the songs get, which follow through with an extra hard punch. The only exception to this is “Push” near the end, which feels rather mechanical particularly in the vocals, but still has quite a ferocious flow.

Speaking of the vocals, they’re definitely finished with the roughest coat, in contrast to the riffs. No signs of cleanliness make their way in, and the harsh echos drive it into abysmal depths that yield pain and fear. Although that helps boost a horrifying image, it gets old pretty fast and allows little room for innovation or strong songwriting. “Noxious Offender” avoids this a little bit by incorporating gang shouts and dismissing typical touch-ups, but as a whole, there isn’t too much that stands out.

What we do get out of The Phantom Fear is thankfully solid delivery and persistence. I can’t say I’ve come across too much thrash that deals in this way, so plenty of credit is due for originality. There just isn’t a very strong foundation for song variation within the album itself, which ultimately makes it drag on. Easily worth your time, however.

The Phantom Fear will be released on April 12th, 2019 through Inverse Records.

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