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E.P. Review: Bat – Axetasy

Imagine, if you will, a nuclear pizza pocket where the filling includes thrash, speed, and crossover. Despite being engineered for immediate devouring, it’s still crafted with gourmet quality nastiness. Possessing two-fifths of Municipal Waste and former D.R.I. drummer Felix Griffin, it’s moot to dispute Bat’s experience with all things fast and punky. Sure, Axetasy is a quickie affair but it’s not lacking in skill or spirit.

Long story short, “Wild Fever” and “Long Live the Lewd” is pure blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed and “Ice” is a good old fashioned thrashing plain and simple. “Ritual Fool” and “Axetasy” round out the punkier side of Axetasy and benefit greatly from the shit-kicking snarls emanating from Ryan Waste’s throat. “Slash of the Blade” is a conundrum as it sounds cool but really serves no purpose other than a brief foray into synthwave. Thankfully, Bat didn’t slap it at the front of Axetasy and title it “Intro”.

In conclusion, is Axetasy fast? Yes. Does Axetasy thrash? Yes. Is it a fun listen? Yes. Axetasy hits all the main bullet points on the nose and by proxy is a good release. Most importantly, Axetasy is a much better listen if you enjoy it for what it is: a quick burst of energy from long-tenured ragers that are out to prove that there’s always time to thrash.

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