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An Interview with Eggs of Gomorrh

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Outpregnate is a serious piece of filth, one which you should wrap your listening ear around as soon as you can if you haven’t done so already. Eggs of Gomorrh are here to dominate, so it’s probably a good idea we find out a bit more about this horde of destruction…

Indy Metal Vault: Introduce us to Eggs of Gomorrh

Eggs of Gomorrh: Hails and thx for the interest. We are from Geneva, Switzerland formed approximately in 2008, but had some activity before as a demo band with the 2 founding members, trying to get some common ideas about the sound of the future band. Over 10 years have passed, and now we are a whole different weapon.

IMV: What are your influences?

EoG: It depends really on the members: we all listen to different styles of music. Guess the common point would be French 90’s death metal acts, old-school DM acts in general, a little bit of war metal and bestial stuff from the Americas and Australia. And then there is a strong element of ambient and industrial music, some experimental electro and weird sounds in general.

IMV: Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

EoG: OK, let’s see. Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages; Blue Hummingbird to the Left – Atl Tlachinolli; MZ.412 – Svartmyrkr, Saltas – Death.Spirit.Continuum and Motörhead, haha…always.

IMV: Tell us about your latest release Outpregnate

EoG: We composed in in 2017 and played it in its entirety every night of the Archgoat/Bolzer/Svartidaudi tour. We had the GNARURIS DCCXIV intro on every night, and the live set order was pretty similar to the EP progression. We recorded it just after the tour while everything was fresh and very aggressive, which was an obvious choice for us.

IMV: Why did you decide on an EP format rather than a full album?

EoG: As mentioned just before it was the tour experience that dictated the outcome of the format. Personally, we consider it a turning point in the EoG path, marking a decade. Everything is logical at that point, whether it’s because of the line-up change, lyrical or musical stance. It is also an effective gateway to further releases that, mark my words, will be strong successors to the path of violence and hatred that is Outpregnate.

Eggs of Gomorrh Band

IMV: Why did you decide to include a cover song, and why this particular one from Arkhon Infaustus?

EoG: Because we didn’t have enough songs? No, haha, back in the beginning days of EoG we were crazy about the Dead Cunt Maniac and Hell Injection era, and we had a ridiculous amount of parties and sick moments with these records. So it also symbolizes the decade of EoG and a reminder of what happened in the beginning. We played it normal tempo before but then decided to speed up a notch. And it goes without saying that the lyrical content of the song fits perfectly with our mess.

IMV: Tell us about some of the lyrical themes on the EP.

EoG: Each song has its own scenario of lyrics. It always describes torture and death scene. ‘Prayeggrh’ is about cutting up an archangel and removing his lungs and shoving it up his ass, then sodomizing him till none is left. ‘Prophetyphus’ is about a huge putrid mass with flies that eat it up from the inside and rats. ‘Deathinjekt’ is about a mother that masturbated and cums while her son dies of a lethal injection in front of her. ‘Domination Xtasy’ is about hookers and BDSM. Outpregnate sums everything up in a universe of apocalyptic hate and severe bestial sodomy and possession. Pretty cool.

IMV: How were the songs written?

EoG: It had the same operating method as Rot Prophet in some way. There was much more material before, (that will be re-arranged and implemented in new releases to come), that was compressed into more effective parts. Some songs were taken off completely; some merged together. Then came the time for the Archgoat tour, where we decided to learn how to play music, so we went through the songs with a critical approach.

IMV: What’s your favourite song on the release and why?

EoG: “Prayeggrh.” It has the song structure and drum parts that show exactly what EoG stands for. Stop-start razor riffs, changing tempo madness, explicit lyrics, breaks, some flies in the background, and just non-stop brutality from beginning to end

IMV: How would you compare Outpregnate to Rot Prophet?

EoG: The main differences would be the approach in composition. There are many more consistent parts and faster way of changing diverse patterns. The vocals have faster-paced lyrics compared to the cavernous long, reverb-oriented Rot Prophet style. It’s getting more fierce because our hunger for mass genocide and violence grows with every second of our existence. There’s also more attention paid to the bass/drums work than before.

IMV: How close would you say the music on Outpregnate is in achieving your ‘perfect sound’, (if such a thing is even possible)?

EoG: The perfect sound does not exist. However better tracking, better equipment is a huge plus. There is always something that one learns from previous mistakes about how to save time and optimize your recordings. The advantage here is that our current bassist is a sound guy so we are getting better at producing our releases, (because fuck paying for a studio, while you can use that money for beers and bitches). That statement proves itself by the next releases that have already been recording, and they sound more solid and ample, keeping the necessary filth required to be an EoG release.

IMV: How do you think your music will progress in the future?

EoG: The new songs that we are composing nowadays vary between somewhat technical and very linear approaches. We are trying to add some new elements to the composition, regardless of the instrument, just try something new and explore the horizons of non-stop violence.

Eggs of Gomorrh - Outpregnate

IMV: Tell us about the album artwork – how does this represent the music, and how important is this visual medium to you?

EoG: The front cover represents all the themes of each individual element globally. There were some different ideas in the beginning, but we decided to alter them and add the elements together to achieve more punch to the globality of the lyrical transposition. The visual medium is more and more important to us, which is the reason we are using more stage props during our shows. The musical experience must be orchestrated with the necessary visuals to enhance the audience perception of our show or release.

IMV: Speaking of playing live – essential, pointless, or somewhere between the two?

EoG: We always considered ourselves more of a live band than a studio band and have answered many similar questions in the same way. It is essential to play the right amount of quality shows that pay respect to the detail recorded on the releases. So completely pointless.

IMV: What are the next steps for Eggs of Gomorrh?

EoG: We are releasing a split with Sarinvomit from Turkey in a couple of months hopefully. There is another split in the works, but it’s too early to announce anything at this point. We are limiting our live performances to concentrate on composition. Whatever happens after – happens after.

IMV: Any final words?

EoG: We still have some tricks up our sleeve so stay tuned for some badass news to be announced in the near future. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for concert booking. IN DISEASE WE ARE BLESSED.

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