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Track Premiere: Eye of the Destroyer – “Baptized in Pain”

New Jersey-based Eye of the Destroyer are set to release their upcoming album Baptized in Pain next month and it’s something of a rebirth for the group. After some lineup changes, they’ve returned stronger than ever thanks to the addition of scene veteran John Scott and former drummer Joe Randazza on vocals.

Eye of the Destoyer - Indy Metal Vault

Their upcoming debut Baptized in Pain is a brutal splattering of old school death metal atop a hardcore foundation. Lyrically the songs are about the plague of humanity with titles like “Death Master,” “Baptized in Pain,” and “Body Snatcher.” The band delivers everything you’d want from a release like this with gutturals, breakdowns, and riff powered grooves so infectious that it’s impossible to stay still while listening.

We’re thrilled to be able to share “Baptized in Pain” the title track from their upcoming album ahead of its release on the weekend of the Scorpio Full Moon, May 17th! It’s a mid-tempo punch of sheer brutality, and I’d bet money that you can’t get through the whole song without a little headbanging. Check it out below and then head to their Bandcamp to preorder it.

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Seth April 20, 2019 at 2:36 am

Going to listened to this on my way to work tomorrow.


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