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Album Review: Leathurbitch – Into The Night

Here’s the thing about glam metal in 2019 (or really after 1992, for that matter); it’s really tough to replicate the same way it was made in the ‘80s. As spectacular as I think it was, and for how brilliant many of the songwriters were, it’s a dated concept that’s not likely to fare nearly as well in any other time. Leathurbitch are a little different because they blend speed metal with glam metal, and their upcoming effort Into The Night makes for a fairly worthwhile spin.

However, it’s still quite awkward a lot of the time, and it helps if you refrain from trying to take this seriously. “L.U.S.T.” or “Sleaze City” should tell you all that you need to know, as they’re crafted around blatant ideas that clearly replicate what bands like L.A. Guns or Ratt injected their lyrics with, but here it feels forced. Vocally, it’s a little tough to get behind because of the unclear path of blending ferocious attitude with sleazy accessibility.

Thankfully, there is a lot of strong riff-work and promising touches that make Into The Night a fun spin. The solos hold nothing back and stand above everything thanks to the smeary mix regarding vocals and rhythm. Blasting drum kicks help mold the two sides of this coin together by acting as a bridge between the speed shreds and sparkly toppings. “Killing The Silence” is the band’s best-crafted tune,  and their songwriting ability shines very brightly here.

The glammier moments that hold the most heat are the ones that don’t feel as silly and refrain from forcing the aesthetic of our favorite L.A. scene bands. “I’m Insane” is far more mature than the others that take this route, as well as “The Search.” The latter is personal and gives a welcoming sensation. Save for these two tracks, the speed metal side is where it’s at.

I really dig the idea of this. It’s mostly only worthwhile for side B; for every “The Search” there’s a “Sleaze City,” but Leathurbitch show some strong potential here, and I greatly look forward to what they’ve got coming up. Not too many people combine speed and glam, let alone play glam in 2019 in general, so I give it a lot of props. Worth your time, just not exceptional by any means.

Into The Night will be available May 31st, 2019 through High Roller Records. You can also visit their Bandcamp page to buy or stream their EP from last year, which is also on Youtube.

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