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Split Review: Sacred Reich and Iron Reagan

The other day, Metal Blade Records dropped a short and sweet 7″ record that features crossover legends Sacred Reich on one side and the anger fueled Iron Reagan on the other. With both bands contributing one song that falls under the two-minute mark, it’s a quick and easily digestible serving of crossover thrash that no fan of either band should turn down. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty politically charged duo that lashes against today’s politics, giving ideas from a band that was around during the Reagan era, and one that took formation in the Obama days. There will be only 1000 copies of the black 7″ available, so grab ’em while you can. Sacred Reich plans to release a full length this summer, and the two bands are hitting the road for a tour together in May. In the meantime, my man Dustin and I have decided to take a look at the two tracks.

– Nichalas Edward

Sacred Reich – Don’t Do It Donnie

“Don’t Do It Donnie” admittedly shows the band’s older age with the vocal delivery, but that doesn’t stop it from being a punk-driven thrash blaster that’s crafted with a simplistic yet bombastic punch. With the title suggesting a dig at our current president, it packs in a monotonous yet angry chorus that lies on lower rasps backed by the classic gang vocals. Verses based around distasteful acts such as starting nuclear wars and an overall hatred for the current system are served with a tight rhythm section that rests on mid to fast tempos. Everything slows down a bit during the bass-heavy “breakdown” for a hot second to allow for some breathing room. Nothing atypical of the genre here.

Overall, “Don’t Do It Donnie” is a pretty fun song that doesn’t sprout much innovation, but that’s not really to be expected for something like this. Politically charged lyrics in metal can lead to a train wreck, but at least here it’s crafted cleverly and fits the music and attitude perfectly. If nothing else, this makes me look forward to the full-length even more.

Final Grade: B

– Nichalas Edward

Iron Reagan – They Scream

Holy shit!!!! Who pissed in Iron Reagan’s corn flakes? Continuing to excel at throwing the kitchen sink at listeners, “They Scream” shows an Iron Reagan that has put more force into those throws. Rhythmically, “They Scream” puts the entirety of Sodom’s Agent Orange in a vice and cranks down until it splinters hammering some Discharge into the cracks for good measure. Tony Foresta’s vocals remain as fun as ever, and his persistence in wanting to know “what are you killing for?” matches the pace of his bandmate’s lethal upgrade.

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Iron Reagan’s Cannibal Corpse covers live, you know that Iron Reagan can death-thrash with the best of them and it’s nice to see their death metal incorporation on recorded material. It’s always foolish to immediately give any new material from a favorite band “the best one yet” stamp, but credit must be given when it’s due. “They Scream” is Iron Reagan at their angriest and stands as an equal alongside the remainder of Iron Reagan’s discography.

Final Grade: A

– Dustin Miller

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