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Track Premiere: War Curse – “Sands Of Fate”

You can probably take a good hard look at this album art and have an idea of what you’re in for. Being that it’s got a level of sophistication to it and isn’t a cartoon of chaos, it’s clearly gonna be thrash metal that’s produced quite cleanly, rather a barbaric crossover party. War Curse hail from the state of Ohio here in the US, and their second album titled Eradication is set to be released next month.

Today, I am premiering their new single “Sands Of Fate,” the second tune from this album a few weeks before the full-length is set to drop. This is probably one of the sharpest newer thrash metal tunes I’ve heard in a while. Many of them like to cake on the violent and crushing tones to blend it with more extreme metal acts, or they’ll throw back to the more direct Bay Area styles. Here though, not a single note is lost as the mix is so clean and the riffs have such a stinging buzz to them.

Naturally, this causes steady rhythms, creating a glacier of riffs built on concise construction all topped with solo work that doesn’t shy away in the slightest. Despite having a harsher burst in the vocals, it’s still quite clear what they’re saying. A lot of anger definitely fuels the fire, and I’d be lying if I said that the front-man didn’t remind me of a more sinister (and less annoying) David Draiman. Damn, that’s the second band this year that I’ve made this kind of comparison to!

In any case, “Sands Of Fate” opens and closes with an operatic touch that sandwiches the whole thing together, and it’s a pretty cold track that is the perfect representation of what to expect with Eradication.

Eradication will be released on May 10th, 2019 through Svart Records. You can pre-order it at the label.

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