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Track Premiere: Entrapment – “Morbid Habitation”

Beginning as a one-man project in 2010, Dutch death metallers Entrapment have come a long way in their nine-year career. Helmed by multi-instrumentalist Michel Jonker, Entrapment will be hanging up their hats after the release of this year’s Imminent Violent Death. The good news is that Entrapment is going out swinging and for a year that’s already seen an excess of quality OSDM releases, Imminent Violent Death delivers exactly what it promises.

Jonker not only possesses vast knowledge of every facet of death metal, but he also shows that he’s not afraid to claw the corpse of death metal out of the ground and slam its bones around to his liking. The second single “Morbid Habitation” is the album’s fastest song and the mastermind himself had this to say about it.

This is the fastest song of the album, it is heavily inspired by Slayer and therefore a very short song! The lyrics deal with medieval torture tactics put into practice anno 2019. Overall it’s pure energy and aggression combined into what to me is the foundation of old school metal in general!

Damn!!!! There’s not much more to add than that except to say that “Morbid Habitation” isn’t going to listen to itself.

Imminent Violent Death will be available May 19th through Entrapment’s Bandcamp.

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