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Track Premiere: Ancient Torment – “Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh”

On May the tenth, may the force (forth?) be with you because this marks the day that some vile and vicious soundscapes will reap the atmosphere. And man, you’re gonna need some kind of force with you! If you haven’t already gotten a taste of Ancient Torment via their first single “Eve In Estrus,” then here’s your chance to grab a sample before the entire four-track EP hits the scene. For our loyal Vault hunters, we’re premiering the title track off of Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh.

Clocking in just past the six-minute mark, this tune is not one meant for those who seek anything relatively accessible, melodic, or friendly in the slightest. “Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh” kicks some already buzzing guitars into rapid overdrive with blistering percussion and a coarse atmosphere to roughen it up. Doesn’t sound too atypical of black metal, but damn if this shit doesn’t feel like an open wound being dipped into lemonade! I say this because the vocals are so hoarse and nasty that it invokes a painful and horror-tastic feeling through the entire six-minute duration.

But that’s exactly what people need in their lives – a little discomfort. I’m not going to go out and say that this is something that everyone needs to hear because certain folks would go running to their cabinet of holy water upon the first minute. If, however, you crave raw guitars, nasty shrieks, darker than dark atmospheres, Satanic themes, or really anything that pushes black metal over the top, then I don’t know why you haven’t hit that play button yet.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh will be released on May 10th, 2019 and can be found digitally or on cassette via Eternal Death’s Bandcamp page.

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