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Album Review: Tanith – In Another Time

Tanith’s full-length debut album In Another Time is chock full of 70s protometal goodness. While the extra oomph on the guitar harmonies is sure to trigger associations with the earliest efforts of Iron Maiden or Angel Witch, the earnest vocal interplay and rocking tempos are more rooted in the ways of such groups as Uriah Heep and Blue Oyster Cult. The rustic atmosphere and incorporation of folk segments also reminds one of Jethro Tull at times albeit presented in a much less haggard fashion.

Rather than relying on familiar tropes alone, the band has a couple aces up their sleeves. Having Satan’s Russ Tippins as a vocalist in your ranks would be enough to give your group some street cred, but Tanith takes things a step further with a dual vocalist format. Bassist Cindy Maynard’s voice has a pleasant but firm character that works well with trade-offs, layering, and its own spotlights. A similar setup was utilized on Hessian’s first album, but it is utilized more effectively here.

Thankfully everything else about Tanith’s dynamic manages to be just as excellent. The guitars are what ultimately drive the songs as the rhythms are full of crackling power while the harmonies are consistently lively. The bass and drums also don’t slouch as the former always providing a sturdy undercurrent and the latter are energetic while keeping a hard rock flavor. Things never sound too rigid, but you can tell that the overall musicianship is tight as hell.

This tightness reflects further into the songwriting and the thought put into these arrangements is quite obvious. “Citadel (Galantia Pt. 1)” does a fantastic job of introducing the band’s core elements as its charging tempo has an almost welcoming air that is complemented by the verses’ vocal trade-offs and the memorable chorus. Inversely, the band’s folky side also finds different ways to express itself as “Eleven Years” has an almost campfire bounciness while “Dionysus” makes for a smooth mini-epic, even if the title pronunciation is a little off…

Overall, Tanith’s debut album manages to be both a familiar listen as well as a pleasant surprise. The early 70s influences are always welcome, but a mix of dual vocals, tight musicianship, and strong songwriting really help take this to the next level. It has the energy of a debut album but the care and cohesion of an experienced effort. Satan fans will likely enjoy seeing their frontman showcasing a more melodic side, but no fan of hard rock or protometal should sleep on this.

“Citadel (Galantia Pt. 1)”
“Wings of the Owl (Galantia Pt. 3)”
“Eleven Years”
“Under the Stars (Reprise)”

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