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Track Premiere: Age of the Wolf – “Goddess of the Hunt”

Costa Rican outfit Age of the Wolf received critical praise in their country after the release of their self-titled EP in 2014. They were nominated for best hard rock release in Costa Rica’s ACAM and had one of their songs “Memorial” featured in the music spotlight series Flying Elephant’s Sessions at Botica Solera.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels, the band decided to hit the studio in early 2017 to top their debut and bring them into the international spotlight. What the Age of the Wolf came up with was a more aggressive and methodical approach to their songwriting that fits just enough melody into a crushing impenetrable wall of sound.

Ouroboric Trances‘ highlights include the haunting instrumental track “Witches’ Gallow” with its incredible violin accompaniment, the bluesy “Herald of Abyssos,” and the track “Goddess of the Hunt,” which we’re lucky enough to share with our readers today. The song is an excellent representation of what listeners can expect with Ouroboric Trance – sludge fueled riffs reminiscent of early Mastodon with plenty of melody to keep you hooked. Check it out below.

Ouroboric Trances will be out on May 17th on digital, CD, and vinyl through Aural Music.

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