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Album Review: Calamity – Kairos

What started as a Metallica cover band, the Puerto Rican thrash outfit Calamity have evolved into an act that crafts original material with a distinct sound. With one album already under their belts, they’re back with a follow up titled Kairos. Neatly enough, it’s split between songs sung in English and songs sung in Spanish. That being said, overly harsh vocals aren’t the main focus, as the singing is quite concise.

It should also be quite obvious that you can pick up a lot of Metallica influence here. Titles like “The Change” or “The Truth” are crafted completely around melody and reflect some of the writing tactics of our beloved Bay Area thrashers. Don’t let this fool you though, because there’s a lot that distinguishes this from your typical group of this sort. Metalcore makes a pretty fair impression on this disc, as there are more than a few breakdowns-ridden chugs mixed in with the solos. Some parts of this reach very extreme territory and hone in on electronic tactics, most easily heard in “Overruled.” The drums in that song are insane, played at break-neck speed!

Funnily enough, right after that brutal beast of a track is a ballad and a very beautiful one at that. “El Vacio” is led by clean guitars that build up into a heavier solo and strong rhythm sections. As far as I could tell, this was also the only song that had vocal harmony, which made it all the more soothing. Kairos ends on a classic-esque note with “The Handlebar,” which is an obvious ode to motorcycles. Judas Priest vibes are all over it, except amped up in intensity.

For how much we get, Calamity know how to deliver for sure, and for someone who hates metalcore, I wasn’t really bothered by those moments. The reason is because those songs took the correct approach by resolving it with riffs and not drowning it in monotonous chugs. The second half is where most of the standout material lies, but overall I found this to be quite a fun listen.

Kairos just dropped today independently and can be found on their Bandcamp page.

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