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Track Premiere: Hatevömit – “Possessed Nightmares”

Turkish-German outfit Hatevömit have returned after a three-year hiatus. For those unfamiliar with the group, they play a particularly nasty style of old school blackened death metal or “vomit metal” as they call it. With several splits and an EP under their belt, they built a generous following with their raw and savage take on the genre.

Hatevomit - Indy Metal Vault

But now fans can rejoice because they’re back, and they haven’t lost a single ounce of putrid brutality. With a new split with long-running Satanic death metal band Nunslaughter coming out soon as well as an EP coming out next year, the group has set itself up to once again be a formidable force in the extreme metal scene.

Today we’re excited to share one of the band’s contributions to the split with our readers. “Possessed Nightmares” is a brutifully menacing mid-tempo track oozing with black metal riffage and apocalyptic death metal and gives fans a taste of what they can expect from their upcoming release. And having gotten a chance to listen to one of Nunslaughter’s contributions as well, I can tell you that if you’re even remotely a fan of old school death metal, you do not want to miss out on this one.

Scroll down to listen to “Possessed Nightmares” and make sure you preorder the CD version which includes a four-page booklet and pit art. It’s limited to 500 copies, so better act fast. The split will be officially released on June 12th via Satanath Records’ label-partner GrimmDistribution (Ukraine) with Metal Ör Die Records (Hungary).

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