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Track Premiere: Abigorum – “Grau Und Schwarz”

Woah! Nothing like taking the two most evil sounding subgenres in heavy metal and sticking them together, eh? Well, Abigorum are a Russian/German act that are prepared to serve just that! Satanath Records will deliver a full platter of bloody and disgusting cuts from this horrifying crew next month, but for now, they’ve given us a sample ahead of time known as “Grad Und Schwarz.” In German, this translates to “Gray And Black,” which is quite fitting due to the fact that nothing bright or colorful comes close to the mind upon hearing this.

That said, it’s structurally built around doom riffs that drone on and buzz through the night. Don’t let the blackened label fool you, because there are no blast beats or anything of the sort to back this, rather just thunderous stomps that sound far off in the background. Picture the sound of a storm that hasn’t reached you quite yet. If that isn’t enough, the delivery gives a sense of unstoppable doom as a gut feeling, like something terrible is coming your way.

The blackness comes through primarily in the vocals, as they’re throaty and consist mainly of incomprehensible drawn out shrieks. The shoddy production and lo-fi sensation can certainly back this as well, but do not go into this expecting an onslaught of blasting double kicks and speed riffs; that’s nowhere to be found. But those who’d like a slow and terrifying march to Hell, “Grau Und Schwarz” is exactly what you need to gain access.

Additionally, you can find Abigorum’s previously released track “Maskenball” on the Bandcamp page, as well as a pre-order for the album. The full descent into the inferno known as Exaltatus Mechanism shall hit the scenes on June 14th, 2019. Nothing says hot and sunny like blackened doom, aye?

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