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EP Stream: I Am the Law – Dance of the Southern Witch

It used to be when someone would bring up Nashville, all you could think of was country music and cowboy hats, but that’s changed quite a bit over the last decade. The city has become a significant, eclectic hotbed of new and upcoming music with genres ranging from hip hop to rock. Metal has established a footprint there too thanks to bands like Howling Giant, Inferi, Season of Arrows, and others.

The latest band from the music city to pop up on our radar is a group of non-nonsense metallers called I Am the Law. I’ll admit that the Judge Dredd reference alone was enough to pique my interest since I’ve always been a sucker for comic books and 90s action movies. But there’s more going on with the group than just the clever name; they’ve released two albums since 2015, received consecutive nominations for the Nashville Industry Music awards for best hard rock/metal band, and are getting ready to release a brand new EP.

Dance of the Southern Witch contains a pair of blistering tracks from the raucous hell-raisers. While the EP may be a short listen, both songs are scorchers with enough southern groove and thrash riffage to keep you satiated, and we’re stoked to premiere the whole damn thing for you today. Scroll down and crank it loud. Outlaw metal!

You can pick up the EP on May 31st through the band’s Bandcamp here.

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