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Track Premiere: Bestialord – “Writhe With Serpents”

If you’re a fan of Billy Idol, then you may have been directed to the wrong location, because this is not a nice day for a white wedding. Rather, it’s a nice day for a black wedding! More specifically, a Black Mass Wedding! Indeed, that is the title of the upcoming record by the doomy death metal band Bestialord. But don’t cower away too quickly, because it isn’t as harmful as it may suggest. While many of the “death/doom” tagged bands lay on the droning buzzes and incomprehensible drawn out growls way too much, no such problem exists here. Don’t believe me? See for yourself with today’s premiere, “Writhe With Serpents.”

That’s right, ahead of the album’s release, you can hear this easy-to-digest number that has just the right amount of spice, and the perfect amount of spooooooky! Raw production and an ear for melody make for strong and sinister riffs that carry plenty of memorability just waiting to get stuck in your ear. On top of that, you can expect vocals that are balanced the exact same way. For those seeking the mean and raspy delivery of death metal, look no further. For those seeking hooks and a strong sense of rhythm, look no further as well. All of this is rides on slower tempos that reflect the traditional doom style, and the combination here is just fantastic.

But, if you’re not satisfied with just this one number to hold your empty stomach over until the release date, then I’ve got some great news for you! You can find Bestialord’s previous record Law Of The Burning over on Bandcamp. Black Mass Wedding will be available on June 20th, 2019 through Grimm Distribution.

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