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Track Premiere: Erythrite Throne – “The Pale Eyes of Heresy”

Ah, good old dungeon synth. When you wanna kick back in your abandoned castle and chill there’s no greater soundtrack. If you’re looking for some more low-fi morbid relaxation to add to your playlist, Erythrite Throne will be releasing The Blind Hag’s Lair on June 7th. Even better news, Indy Metal Vault was able to score an exclusive stream for the album’s sixth track, “The Pale Eyes of Heresy.”

This track has a really nice rhythm to it and is one of the few songs where the bluntness of the song title is matched in the music. Overall the entire album is deceptively gentle, but the aforementioned rhythm in “The Pale Eyes of Heresy” along with the main keyboard melody gives the track a stalker vibe, the ethereal whispers making it all the more otherworldly.

I run the risk of painting a cartoonish portrait, but all of these elements make it easy to visualize the pale eyes the track is referring to, and it kind of makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. If you want to see what I mean, just press play.

The Blind Hag’s Lair will be released on June 7th as a limited run of twenty cassettes via Akashic Envoy Records.

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