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Track Premiere: Educated Scum – “Chameleon”

Educated Scum-a great way to describe metalheads, and a pretty cool name for a Russian grindcore unit. Even though I consider myself friendly and have been accused of being nice, I never really bought the whole “metalheads are teddy bears” shtick, but as a whole, we tend to be a rather intelligence bunch.

Educated Scum - Indy Metal Vault

There’s more to a band than a cool sounding name, and Educated Scum jams a lot into “Chameleon,” a lead track off their new album Corrupt. Only two minutes and forty seconds long it’s senseless to break things down second by second so dear readers you’re just gonna have to trust me when I say that “Chameleon” is an ass-kicker.

Corrupt will be released June 23rd through GrimmDistribution and More Hate Productions. Pre-order here.

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