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Album Review: Gone Cosmic – Sideways In Time

Out of Calgary, Alberta, the psychedelic space rock quartet Gone Cosmic released their full-length debut album entitled Sideways in Time on April 9th, 2019 under Kozmik Artifactz Records. Leading with an atmospherically cosmic (No pun intended) aesthetic, it would be safe to assume that their music would reflect it. They interweave massive sounding delays and reverbs on the instruments and vocals, with a core foundation of hard/stoner rock with progressive outreaches to cement their celestial musical quest. The results display a rather well-executed outing that takes you on an elaborate sonic journey. For a debut album, this fares to be quite a strong effort. The music is well recorded and produced, without being overly polished. I can definitely tell they took a page or two out of the late ’60s and early ’70s rule book of making records with the choices of panning and transitions in between sections, and it’s really entertaining. This is a record I recommend putting on and listening to with a great pair of headphones.

A strong suit of this group is their singer Abbie Thurgood. She has a really good sense of dynamics. During the clean and atmospheric parts, she dials it back to set the mood and then lets loose when the music becomes bombastic. Best examples of this are songs like “Faded Release,” and “Misfit Wasted” wherein the chorus of the former track, the music gets heavy and the vocals wail with soul and power that captures the raw energy. You can definitely sense the amount of tremendous effort and practice that Abbie put into developing her vocal style and delivery. For the band’s debut album, it serves as a very good first impression.

The music compliments well with a hard/stoner rock vibe alongside tendencies to get progressive in their arrangements and riff writing style. The part that really gives it the stoner rock edge is the bass playing of Brett Whittingham with overdriven and sometimes fuzz-laden bass lines that add textures behind the guitars played by Devin Purdy, who successfully interweaves single note riffing with atmospheric layers to add dynamics to the music. To be fair, all the members, including their drummer Marcello Castronuovo do a very good job of knowing when to chill out versus when to be in the listener’s face. All the while, on top of all of that, they really show that even at a young age, they are well developed in their craft, and I’m excited to see where they take things from here on out.

Gone Cosmic seems to be hitting all the right points with their debut release Sideways in Time. For a genre that might be somewhat exhausted at this point, they seemed to figure out how to break out of the mold and make an album that is well written, performed and packs a punch in a rather short (but not too short) run time with only eight songs. I rather like this sort of format, and it’s one that I believe more bands in the modern day should take note of when making a full-length album. For fans of early ’70s Rush, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, and Thin Lizzy but still have a tremendous love for modern day stoner rock bands like Graveyard, Witchcraft, and Elder, look no further. This is an album that you definitely don’t want to sleep on.


“Faded Release”
“Misfit Wasted”
“Bear The Weight”

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