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Demo Review: Rancorous – Stealth Dominion

Rancorous are a blackened thrash act that leans heavily towards the blackened side. They’ve only recently formed, having no full lengths out yet. What they do have is two demos to get us started. Stealth Dominion is the title of their most recent one, a quick and easy blast to the throat full of riffs and shreds. It only clocks in at about ten minutes, but what’s there is pretty impressive and surprisingly digestible for something with a demo’s quality in the blackened realm.

The title track and “Cold Revenge” are the two that get us started, with a heavy focus on blasting, machine-gun like drum-kicks that have such a metallic edge to them with overly aggressive speed. The vocals are pretty incomprehensible, but they have such solid flow that a typical black metal project couldn’t obtain. I also love how clear the solos are on these tracks, and it’s safe to say that they take the foreground.

The other two tracks “Prime Sacrilege” and “Revelator” aren’t quite as to the point, despite the first of the two being shorter than two minutes in length. That one has the thrashiest attitude, as it brings the tempo back to a more manageable pace. The latter, however, goes right back to the way things were with the first two songs but draws it out some more. Don’t go into this seeking out tons of variance, even though there is actually a little bit of it. But for what it’s worth, this is a really fun demo that should be heard if you’re into black metal or thrash metal alike.

Stealth Domination came out on May 25th, 2019. It can be found digitally or on tape cassette via the Bandcamp page.

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