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Track Premiere: Donarhall – “Vagr”

Most of the releases we’ve been covering from Satananth Records have been from the death metal genre, but now we’re starting to dip into their black metal catalog with the atmospheric band Donarhall. The mastermind behind the instrumental project, Eugen Kohl (also known as Gnev) released the first album Misanthrope back in 2017, and the project evolved from raw black metal into a more melodic approach with subsequent releases.

Made up eight tracks or “soundtracks,” Helvegr is Donarhall’s latest offering. Each song contains a character and poem that weave fantastical soundscapes only limited by one’s imagination. The one we’re sharing with you today is “Vagr,” an ominous slower song more akin to melodic doom metal. Scroll down to listen.

Helvegr will be released on June 25th by Satanath Records’ sub-label Symbol Of Domination with Black Metal Propaganda Deutschland. Pre-order here.

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