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Album Review: Sandness – Untamed

Is glam metal the first thing you think of when you picture heavy metal from Italy? Probably not, and seeing that it’s 2019, you probably aren’t too optimistic either. However, now and then this generation manages to feed us a glam band that doesn’t overdo the hell out of what made it stand out years ago, and Sandness is one of them. Untamed is their upcoming third full length, and although it doesn’t completely dodge the cheese bullets, it’s a worthwhile listen with the L.A. charm.

The vocals were one of the first things that stood out. Italian accents aren’t, particularly what I’m used to hearing with this style so that in itself makes it quite unique. The single “Tyger Bite” showcases this with its dual vocals, and the riffs display tons of melody while still having a bit of a crunch to them. On the other hand, this yields beautiful songs like “London,” with uplifting energy meshed with incredible songwriting. A piano is used in this one to establish that softer effect fully, and I love every minute of it.

Of course, you can still expect plenty of shredding and hard solos. Crystal clear production helps these stand out. The clean gloss over the heavier distortions makes for smooth transitions and unique tones for sure. “Easy” has plenty of bouncy rhythms to get a feel for what I mean by this. As I said, you’ll also find numbers like “Radio Show” or “Tell Me Tell Me” that just scream generic or corny, but that’s to be expected on a release like this. None of those numbers overstay their welcome, and the vocal harmony and tight fastening make it easy to overlook this.

Most who are on the hunt for a glam metal treat are just going to dig into their older albums, but this is a gem worth spinning if you’re into a modern version of that. Picture something along the lines of Night Ranger with a different accent. Sandness’ Untamed may not get overly heavy, but it still keeps that harder aesthetic. I can’t recommend it enough to all of my friends who like some metal with pop toppings.

Untamed will be out on June 14th, 2019 through Rockshots Records. You can pick up a CD copy right here.

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