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Demo Review: Sanity Control – 2019 Demo

We’ve got some underground crossover from Poland for ya and holy shit, Sanity Control has got the bite to match their bark!!!! With just two songs, Sanity Control doesn’t have time to front; they’re just here to give you a nice kick in the genitals and disappear back from whence they came. In under five minutes, make it painfully clear that they came to fuck shit up — nothing more, nothing less.

In between “Hunt” and “Swarm,” there’s an overwhelming feeling that you’re being dumped right into the shit. Nature versus nurture kicks in, and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you develop the urge to partake in property damage. Savage vintage thrash riffs are the name of the game on this demo, and I can’t put my finger on it, but goddamn I’m grateful riffs like this can still pack a punch.

In terms of vocals, the hardcore punk imported bark is the hard muscle that buttresses the cosmetic thrash snarl and man oh man they’re tough as nails. With crossover, there’s always a tradeoff between hardcore and thrash and let’s be honest, some bands do draw lines in the sand with their allegiances. Sanity Control sound like they don’t give a fuck about that shit and are poised to smash the teeth of any bastard unlucky enough to bring it up.

Sanity Control isn’t making it a secret that they’re a bunch of dirty bastards, but don’t mistake that for stupidity. “Hunt” is a grade A down and dirty rager, but “Swarm” is where they think outside the box. While it has its share of pure thrash fury and is slightly anthemic to boot, the band slows things down at the halfway point and really grabs your attention with the portrait that the guitar solo paints.

Breaking down material this short can be an arduous task but is well worth it because Sanity Control’s first demo speaks for itself. If your goal is to find a more effective utilization of four minutes and fifty-eight seconds, then you’re gonna be fucked for the immediate future.

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