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Track Premiere: Order Of The Ebon Hand – “Αίαντας”

As soon as I saw Order Of The Ebon Hand’s band logo, I was pretty much interested immediately. What’s fitting is the fact that their music sounds as unique as that explosion of lettering looks. At the end of the month, these Greek black metallers are putting out an album titled VII: The Chariot, but today I’m dropping a song from said record ahead of time! By the title of Αίαντας, they unleash an explosion of instrumentation much like their lettering.

Αίαντας translates to a male given name similar to the English name Ajax. This isn’t exactly what the melody hunters are gonna look for, but I’ll be damned if the vocals aren’t relatively clean for the first half. Blast beats almost shower the entire run of this song, with plenty of tremolo rhythms that steer clear of any really nasty distortion. Because of the mood set by the instruments and the lyrics being spoken rather sang, I get lots of sadder and more melancholic vibes from this. Thus, it resides on the lighter side of black metal. So, for a mysterious ride, click that YouTube video down below!

Order Of The Ebon Hand’s VII: The Chariot will be out on June 27th, 2019 via CDs limited to 500 copies through Satanath Records and More Hate Productions. It can be found for pre-order here.

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