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Demo Review: Crush the Altar – Abhorrent Oblation

Recently formed in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area, this aptly-named blackened death-thrash trio bring as much Vader and Morbid Angel influence to the table as they do Sepultura and Sodom. Whether you like your riffs razor sharp or pummeling, Crush the Altar has you covered on both ends. The buildup on “See Mortality” is well done and even though this track is slathered in death metal brutality, the thrash riffing ensures that fans of both genres are going to be on the same wavelength when listening to Abhorrent Oblation.

Being the longest and most diverse track on Abhorrent Oblation “Demonizing the Ancient Lore” is the centerpiece of this demo. At approximately six and half minutes long, “Demonizing the Ancient Lore” has everything that death and thrash metal fans could ask for. The barbarity of the consistent death metal vocals is matched by riffs that bounce from down-tuned brutality to vintage buzzsaw thrash riffing. This is also a track that features a good number of guitar solos that would make James Murphy blush when it’s not busting the barrier between death and thrash riff rules.

Around the halfway point of the track, Crush the Altar slows things down a for a minute before launching into a fist-pumping chug of riffs. Just when you think that Crush the Altar are about to levels James and Lars’ mansions, the trio skews off into their own frantic tangent of tempo changes before comfortably transitioning back to a mid-paced tempo that closes the track out.

“Discastery Ruin” shows the band dabbling with some Suffocation style intros before launching off into another down tuned thrash fury that’s been heard a million times, needs no introduction and still kicks all kinds of ass. In terms of the sound that Crush the Altar has crafted for itself, the demo’s final track shows them at their most straightforward with the thrash riffing while having the most brutal breakdowns of the demo.

I know I’ve used the word “brutal” to the point of redundancy with this article, but it is what it is. If I may, I would like to use it one more time for the sake of my final assessment of this demon. Abhorrent Oblation is some of the most brutal underground thrash you’re likely to hear all year.


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