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Short Sharp Shock #43: Death Metal Special II

Welcome to the latest edition of Short Sharp Shock, where we take a look at some of the shorter metal releases that are out there.

Yep, it’s high time for another death metal special, so bask in the brutality of the below releases and get ready to tear things up!

Debasement - Demo 2019Band(s): Debasement
Title: Demo 2019
Style(s): Death Metal
Duration: 12 minutes
Release date: May 17, 2019

This release has such an unassuming name for something so potent. The band mix the occasional macabre melody with brutal slamming grooves, lashings of deathgrind, and a predilection for quite classically metallic leads. The results are enjoyable and more individual than you might expect from this description.

Debasement’s first outing into the big wide world of metal is rough and ready, but successful and hugely promising.

Dychosis - Sadistic Killing MachineBand(s): Dychosis
Title: Sadistic Killing Machine
Style(s): Death Metal
Duration: 17 minutes
Release date: March 17, 2019

Dychosis play death metal that’s violent and lean and boasts some of the sickest vocals I’ve heard in quite a while. The guy sounds like he’s about to rupture something vital. This is death metal that’s modeled on the classic style, while also having a modern NWOAHM-flavoured thrash edge that filters into some of the riffs, structuring, and vocal patterns.

I like what Dychosis are offering on Sadistic Killing Machine, and with some tweaking and polishing here and there, we could have a strong contender on our hands.

Exuviated - DéliquescenceBand(s): Exuviated
Title: Déliquescence
Style(s): Death Metal
Duration: 27 minutes
Release date: April 13, 2019

A bit of a longer release for you now. Exuviated are a seasoned band with an established sound and a professional delivery. This is well-formed death metal with melodic aspects that has plenty of bite and many things to recommend it. You can also hear progressive death metal elements here and there, and although this isn’t a defining feature, it allows for the inclusion of added interest and depth. The band are not afraid to explore introspection and atmosphere, be this in interlude-style tracks or in the main, longer songs themselves.

The music is well-written, the vocals are strong, the songs are damn good, and I don’t have anything to bad to say about Déliquescence. 

Subservience - Ascending from the AbyssBand(s): Subservience
Title: Ascending from the Abyss
Style(s): Death Metal
Duration: 18 minutes
Release date: May 18, 2019

Subservience play crushing death metal covered in barbed wire and rusted knives. The band mix old-school and Swedish death metal influences together with modern elements to create caustic, virulent songs that channel violence and death into four tracks of savage aggression. I like the band’s mixture of old and new, and I also particularly like the deep growls, which are pitch black in delivery. Well-written and well-delivered, each of these tracks is a satisfying and brutal listen.

I enjoyed this greatly and Ascending from the Abyss marks Subservience as ones to watch.

Ripped to Shreds - Eight Immortals FestBand(s): Ripped to Shreds
Title: Eight Immortals Feast
Style(s): Death Metal
Duration: 8 minutes
Release date: March 22, 2019

Here we have two brief tracks of Swedish death metal worship followed up by an absolutely storming cover of an Insect Warfare song, demonstrating the project’s grindcore roots. This is raw and nasty stuff, and the general production and musical aesthetic fit the songs perfectly. Full of aggressive riffs and belligerent swagger, this is a very strong release all round.

Ripped to Shreds have garnered much praise in underground circles, and this raw demo shows exactly why.

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