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Track Premiere: Pathetic – “Empty Threat”

Calgary-based trio Pathetic definitely aren’t the shitting rainbows types, but their music is nowhere near pathetic. Having carved out a reputation in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, Pathetic will be releasing Rat King on July 12th, and Indy Metal Vault has an exclusive stream of album closer “Empty Threat.” If you’re looking for seven minutes of d-beat infused death metal that jams, you’ll want to strap yourself in.

From what I can gather lyrically, “Empty Threat” looks to be critiquing the W.M.D. pissing contest that’s been going on with world powers forever, but the band themselves sum it up best.

As the closing track of the Rat King album, “Empty Threat” encompasses all that Pathetic’s journey has expressed since day one, with epic guitar riffing, driving drums, and focused lyrics that mock the everlasting fear of nuclear apocalypse the United States has held since the beginning of the cold war. This is the closing track that forewarns the impending destruction that the United States has and continues to impose on other nations in protecting its own irrational fear of destruction.

Respectable fodder considering the style, but there’s no way to hype this track without mentioning how much it jams. Classic Suffocation-style brutality is embedded in “Empty Threat’s” core, but between the low-tuned opening and the fast and loose guitar solo assaults, Pathetic has a very refreshing and intelligent take on death metal.

Rat King will be released July 12th through Pathetic’s Bandcamp page. Pre-order here.

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