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Video Premiere: Smudgeon – “The Gardener”

Having operated as a single-person entity since 2006, Smudgeon is set to release Enfolding this Friday through Akashic Envoy records. Enfolding’s origins can be traced back to a family emergency that Berlin-based mastermind Wayne dealt with earlier this year. Incorporating binaural beats and techniques inspired by musique concrete, there’s a lot of uncertainty embedded in “The Gardener’s” foundation.

The suffocating drone that permeates the majority of the track is felt more than heard, and not only does it feel like a heavy burden on one’s shoulders, it almost feels sentient in the way it worms through your soul. Following a self-reflective reprieve, the drone resumes its insidious pulsating, almost serving as a reminder that there’s no escape.

It’s difficult to not think about The Ring when watching the title track’s music video, but considering the origins of Enfolding’s creation, there’s definitely a different narrative present. It could take a college course to dissect the thought that was put into editing and producing this video. Nonetheless, if you’re an arthouse dread aficionado then you can think of Smudgeon’s “The Gardener” as a shiny new toy……..but try to avoid answering any phone calls you receive after watching. You know, for safety’s sake.

Enfolding will be released tomorrow, June 21st through an Akashic Envoy Records limited cassette run. Pre-order here.

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