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Album Stream: LIFES – Treading Water

LIFES are a grindcore band from Milwaukee made up of bassist/vocalist Dave Rudnik and drummer/vocalist Zak Holochwost, and they’ve been developing their sound over the last several years. With equal parts power violence and hardcore in their toolbox, the duo is well set to separate themselves from the extreme metal pack.

LIFES - Indy Metal Vault

Tomorrow, LIFES will release their debut album Treading Water. Before we get into it though, let’s let the band explain the significance of the album’s title.

We started writing this record over four years ago and are really excited to finally able to share it. During that time, the world has become an even more vile place and we are truly lucky to have the luxury to make music and put out records. Thanks to all our friends that help make it possible.

Made up of 18 short tracks, Treading Water packs one hell of a punch. The dynamic back and forth shouting match between Dave and Zak mean there’s never a dull moment, and each song seems like it’s close to boiling over into uncontrolled rage. The absence of a guitar player means plenty of low end, giving them a more massive sound than what you find with other bands in the genre. Highlights include the tracks “Bitter Cold,” “Facts of Lifes” (followed by a 17-second take Facts of Life theme song), and “Tragic Procession.” Scroll down to give it a listen and then scroll down further to snag a pre-order.

Pre-order Links:
Triple Eye Industries [Milwaukee, WI USA]
Middle Man Records [Lafayette, IN USA]
Here and Now! Records [Italy]
Knochen Tapes [Bielefeld, Germany]

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