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EP Review: Void Vator – Stranded

The infamous Los Angeles has another up and coming heavy metal act on the horizon by the name of Void Vator. They’re fresh off the strip, not even having a single full length out yet, but have offered up two EPs since formation. Stranded is the most recent of the two, which offers up a pretty sunny batch of six tunes, fitting for a quick ride of the waves. What do I mean by this? It’s an easy listen with a rather warm feel despite kicking out some hard riffs.

Weirdly enough, the vocals remind me a lot of John Bush from Anthrax and Armored Saint, but musically it doesn’t sound like either. There’s much more of a rock ‘n roll undertone to the music here, which spreads the warmer glazing on the hardest. “Nothing To Lose” cakes vocal harmony and melodic passages to the extreme that are led up by a raspier delivery. This combo is pretty great, and the booming intro to this song kicks it off with a lot of momentum. Almost all of this short EP follows this guide, but some are presented more interestingly than others.

Unlike the last record I touched on, Stranded is actually quite bottom heavy. The first three tracks hint at a solid idea but don’t hold anything as memorable as what’s to follow. Record closer “Come To Hand” has the tightest songwriting of the whole bunch, and the drums on this contain the best kicks. Hell, the entire rhythm section behind the chorus is stellar within itself.

Ultimately, I would call this a super safe release. There’s nothing mind-blowing, and the production can ease it closer to a generic sound, but it has plenty of licks to offer, and nothing is outright bad. As a band, Void Vator is very well knitted together, and the front-man sure has some pipes. For those seeking a thrilling ride that pushes boundaries, you may be bored. But if you want something easy to hear that still packs a punch, this is just the ticket.

Stranded came out on March 28th, 2019 and can be found digitally right here.

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Void Vator
Void Vator June 27, 2019 at 9:10 pm

Thanks for the review👊🏼💢


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