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Vault Picks #11: July 5th, 2019

In the spirit of the staff suggestions featured in record shops and old-school video stores (RIP), we share our Vault Picks. It’s a chance to venture beyond Indy Metal Vault’s premieres and reviews for a glimpse into other recent releases the staff have been jamming in their secluded lairs. From extreme underground oddities to non-metal recommendations and guilty pleasures, unlock our newest bevy of Vault Picks below.

Sedimentum - Demo - Indy Metal VaultSedimentum
2019 Demo
Released on June 21st, 2019
Genre: Death Metal

Do you like DEATH METAL? Do you like OOGA BOOGA CAVEMAN RIFFS? Then you’ll like the debut demo by Quebec’s Sedimentum.

-Kyle Messick

Tristengrav - II - Nychavgé - Indy Metal VaultTristengrav
II – Nychavgé
Released on June 22nd, 2019
Genre: Black Metal

With an axe tone that invokes surf and death rock more closely than early Bathory, Greek firebrands Tristengrav have been constantly terrorizing my speakers over the last month. If you’re one of the maniacs (rightfully) obsessed with Devil Master’s new record, this slimy blast of punk and black metal mayhem will delight the demon residing in your noggin. With a run of only 200 cassettes from Caligari Records, lunge at the chance to snag one NOW while word is plague-spreading about this crew.

-Sean Frasier

Wormwitch - Heaven that Dwells Within - Indy Metal VaultWormwitch
Heaven that Dwells Within
Released on April 5th, 2019
Genre: Black Metal

If you’re a black metal band and want to get my attention, be a witch of some kind. Wormwitch’s newest release reminds me so much of Skeletonwitch’s fantastic 2018 Devouring Radiant Light, though there is one bad thing about that, that I’ll get to. The songs have just enough length to ebb and flow with different movements but are kept short enough to keep you from growing bored with them. The blackened death and doom hooks are crunchy and catchy and the guitar solos are fun and technical. A problem I have with the album is, as I said, that it reminds me so much of the latest Skeletonwitch release. The production isn’t quite as clean and the vocals aren’t as versatile and there are a few songs that seem to just begin mid-beat, but perhaps that’s my digital copy. However, it’s not enough to make me dislike anything. Overall, great listen.

-Bobby Ellis

Greg Keelor
Last Winter
Released on April 27th, 2018
Genre: Adult Contemporary

Greg Keelor, of Canadian rock legends, Blue Rodeo has stopped touring after 30 plus years of playing music left him with serious hearing issues. His recent release Last Winter is his darkest and most honest work to date. It’s an EP of deep introspection, filled with acoustic guitars and quiet piano met with wide atmospherics and gentle rolling beats. Greg is a songwriter that’s approaching his own winter, and it is brilliant.

” Stars are more silent than stone
My world is covered in snow
The wind howls in icy swirls
I sit by the window in this room
Waiting for spring and the cherry tree’s bloom”

-Tim Arnold

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