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Video Premiere: Driving Slow Motion – “The Way The World Was”

Post-rock outfit Driving Slow Motion released their debut full-length, Arda earlier this month via Fail Safe Audio Recordings and the album has already received quite a lot of buzz. It’s well deserved too. With instrumental bands, it’s all about finding the right hook to keep the listeners enthralled, but Driving Slow Motion takes a more dynamic approach with quieter melodies that lull the listener into a dreamy delirium and then shocks them into alertness with a feverish crescendo peak. It’s a simply stunning and powerful album that should appeal to fans of the genre. I’ve also got to give bonus props to the group for naming the album after the pre-historic name for Earth in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings legendarium.

Driving Slow Motion - Indy Metal Vault

So when we got asked to share something new from the band, we jumped at the chance. Scroll down to watch the stunning performance video for their song “The Way the World Was.” Watching the video, you’re sure to get a real sense at how much talent is packed into Driving Slow Motion, and their another group that we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the future.

You can pick up Arda from their Bandcamp page here. If you’re local to Indianapolis, make sure you check them out at this year’s Post Festival, taking place at the Irving Theater Indianapolis on the weekend October 4th.

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