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Album Review: Alcoholocaust – Necro Apocalipse Bestial

Hailing from Portugal, Alcoholocaust are a blackened thrash act that have been together since 2005. They’ve dropped a handful of demos since then, but haven’t pushed forth a full-length until this year. Necro Apocalipse Bestial is the title of the upcoming debut effort, and it definitely shows reflections of the German thrash acts from the ‘80s. All packaged together you have a Teutonic inspired thrash disc with a cold and black climate, with few songs done in English.

Indeed, it’s quite easy to compare this to the very early Kreator outings. As expected, the vocals are shrieked in a harsh and incomprehensible manner, and the frontman’s accent makes this all the more interesting. Nothing about this is friendly in the slightest with a very mean delivery that’s also reminiscent of early Bathory. Unfortunately, the disc as a whole doesn’t vary much at all and even after many listens, there are few true standout moments.

But of course, those few poke through with a sharp tip. “Blasfemia Total” has a bright and fret-happy solo to introduce it, ultimately melting into the grittiest vocals the band has to offer. “Speed Metal Tornado” also has a jammable opening riff that maintains the momentum through the entire song. And shrieks in the chorus “Necro Rituals” caught my ears due to their dangerously close proximity to Destruction.

When all is said and done, you could call Necro Apocalipse Bestial a satanic-party fest that has everything a riff and grit seeker could want. It’s just not as brilliant as it could have been, and more variance would have helped it. Easily worth a listen and should be heard by all who dig Bathory, Kreator, Witchery, etc.

Necro Apocalipse Bestial will be released on September 5th, 2019 through Hellprod records. Pre-order it right here.

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