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Album Review: Sorcery – Necessary Excess Of Violence

Man oh man, upon hearing just the first riff of this, I would have been shocked to look Sorcery up and find that they weren’t a Swedish death metal act. I was correct to assume such a thing, and I also found that they’ve been around since the late ‘80s, with a long break before reforming and making more music. Necessary Excess Of Violence is their newest effort, and boy do they ever load on those recognizable guitar tones!

Extreme thickness and head-pounding rhythms are the names of the game here. To exaggerate this further, the guitars and drum blasts are so loud in the mix that they overpower the vocals, which are guttural and brooding within themselves. “Year Of The Plague” implements higher, wavy leads atop everything else to make for one of the better tunes, as you can hear the layers. There are even melodic-death spices added in because of the strumming patterns, which shows in “Of Blood And Ash” quite a bit.

The kicker here is that Necessary Excess Of Violence presents great ideas that start strong and begin to taper down the further in you get. With this much force behind everything, it’s almost certain to lump together and become more difficult to hold the listener’s focus. “Where We Were Born We Will Demise” is a standout track, along with the others I mentioned. As a whole though, varying rhythm tactics are not their biggest strength. Records like this seldom hold my attention past the thirty (or so) minute mark.

In fact, that’s actually my biggest gripe with this record. Trimming about fifteen minutes off of it would have done wonders. The rest of the problems lie within the lack of songwriting ability. The idea of this is great though, and it’s definitely meant for the death metal goers that seek incredibly heavy riffs that punch hard and follow through with speed.

Necessary Excess Of Violence will be out on August 20th, 2019 through Xtreem Music. Pre-order it right here!

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