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Album Review: The Red Widows – Fuzzifixion

After the charging fuzz rock of 2017’s Rising EP, The Red Widows’ first proper full-length takes a complete 180 in terms of tempo. Fuzzifixion sees the London trio plunging headlong into the depths of Windhand-style stoner doom with lurching durations and occult aesthetics bound. There’s room in the structures for psychedelic trip-outs but the band much prefers to dispense its slow riffs with pounding, methodical precision.

Fortunately, the musicians’ electrifying power goes unabated with the slowdown between releases. Alex Corvino continues to be the band’s driving force as her bass often overwhelms the guitars, subsequently helping Fuzzifixion live up to its title, and her voice is a confident bellow even with the echoing reverb. The other musicians do a solid job of rounding things out as Marco Alejandro Papiz’s drums are sturdy without getting too flashy and Rev. Mojofuzz’s guitars do provide some higher end.

Of course, five songs adding up to an hour’s runtime makes for another one of those doom albums that seems designed to test one’s mental fortitude. The compositions are rather bare-bones and the mood doesn’t change all that much, making it easy for tracks to run together and the chanted hooks on “Pendulum” and “Lucifer’s Maiden” to get buried. One can lose themselves listening to this record, but in a way that feels more anchored than exploratory. That said, the comparably straightforward “There Is No God” is a palatable pummeling and “Cursed Forever” operates on a smooth soft-loud cycle.

It feels like The Red Widows should’ve had a separate release bridging the gap between Rising and Fuzzifixion, but they navigate the changes well enough overall. A few more fluctuating dynamics and edited song lengths would’ve boosted the album’s writing, but the sheer power behind the musicianship may be enough to put it above many of their peers. Some extra focus will greatly benefit The Red Widows in the long run but as both of their releases have proved thus far, the sky’s the limit as long as they keep that almighty fuzz.

“There Is No God”
“Cursed Forever”

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