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Track Premiere: Leather Lung – “Ain’t Feelin’ No Pain”

Wow! We’ve got some gnarly stoner metal to share with you today! Out of Boston, comes Leather Lung, an act overflowing with fuzz fueled aggression up there with the likes of Weedeater and our very own The Mound Builders. With one EP and a full-length already under their belt, the band are once again ready to give us another wallop of massive gravelly riffage!

The appropriately titled Lonesome, On’ry and Evil is a smoke fueled romp of hardcore riffs and psychedelic haze marinated overnight in whiskey. Highlights include the punk fueled “Barbed Wire,” the trippy “Whiskey Barrel Blues,” and the track we’re premiering today – “Ain’t Feelin’ No Pain.” With its classic bluesy interlude and nifty tradeoff between clean and harsh vocals, it’s one of my favorite tracks from the album. Check out what the band had to say about the song and then scroll down further to give it a listen.

“Ain’t Feelin’ No Pain” is an ode to some of outlaw country’s best drinking songs. Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and George Jones have all written songs about the foolhardy idea that alcohol can take your pain away. This song was written with that same sentiment in mind. Heavy drinking has led us to hardships but it has also led to some down-right rowdy good times. That duality is the spirit of those classic songs, and that’s what we tried to capture in our personal rendition.

Lonesome, On’ry and Evil releases on August 23rd on vinyl, CD and digital from Magnetic Eye Records. Pre-order here.

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